B2B Services

"In addition to being a support platform, respondet is also a sales platform focused on 'remarketing' products that get stuck in complicated return processes.
We offer a complete service that takes care of the entire process involved in the remarketing of returned products from a-z.
With over 20 years of experience in the online and offline consumer electronics market, we are able to offer expert knowledge both technically and in marketing."

FOCUS: Respondet engages a role as a reseller as well, with our network of sales agents around the world we can successfully place your product in a new market. Because we focus on more than just telephone and mail services and having knowledge of the products, our partners come to us for various additional services to further relieve their organization. 

STRATEGY: We do this by determining the best strategy together with our partners from the start, we deliver successful projects quickly and smoothly. By sharing knowledge and experience and by immersing ourselves in the working methods and organization of our partner, Respondet can create added value and serve as an extension of your organization.

OPTIMIZATION: In the current market, flexibility and innovation are important business considerations. Respondet will help you think through how to develop solutions for optimizing your business processes so that you can make your organization function as efficiently as possible. This includes for example marketing, on- offline sales, integrating flow- chatbot, phone- mail support, RMA support, repair and product swap service.

More than 20 years of experience, in the online and offline market, all over the world

Technical expert knowledge, to support (potential)customers and (end)users to guarantee their continuity and reduce the number of returns

Own repair center, for checking and repairing returns

Very strong long-term business relationships, with recurring sales in the sectors: media, education, healthcare, aviation, government, architecture, design, finance and  information technology 

Experience with large projects, Company’s from 80 users and more

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